How Much Do You Know About Topaz Jewelry?

Orange and blue hues are common for the topaz gem you find in a jewelry box. Since the gemstone is a silicate mineral that features a variety of impurities leading to color variations, it is not unusual to find pale greens and red tones as well. The purest gems are virtually without color. Talk to true jewelry aficionados about the kind of color they most associate with the topaz, and the answer is invariably orange. Why do jewelry buyers love the topaz so much?
Plenty of lore.Ancient Egyptians associated the orange color of the gem with the sun god Ra. Ancient Greeks claimed that wearing a topaz could make you invisible if needed. Ancient Romans believed that wearing a topaz channeled the divine power of the god Jupiter. Nineteenth century Russians of nobility wore topaz amulets to ward off depression and increase the power of discernment. Some nobles claimed that a topaz would change its color if there was poison in the food set before a king.
Very available.There are mining operations in the United States, Europe, Africa and South America. Brazilian mines in particular are famous for the clear topaz that miners find there.
Variable appearances.If you have your heart set on a topaz ensemble for formal and leisure wear, the large number of color availabilities is big plus. Jewelry makers treat pale topazes to imbue them with bright gold, pink or purple colorations. They also treat gray stones with irradiation, which leads to the creation of bright blue gems. Since the color variations are virtually endless, this gem is uniquely suited to complement clothes in a variety of styles and colors. When only one type of gem will do, make it a topaz.
Gorgeous and durable.With a refractive index of around 1.610, this gem sparkles beautifully in the bright light. Keep an eye on the clarity grading to ensure that you get what you are looking for in a gem. While flawless gems are rare and quite costly, very slight inclusions bring down the price but cannot be seen by the naked eye. The stones are very durable since there is a low risk of splits or breakage. Because it is a very hard stone, it does not usually suffer abrasions or scratches. Buying a topaz jewelry collection today may very well be the beginning of an heirloom for the next generation.
You probably already know that the orange topaz is frequently associated with the month of November. Buyers oftentimes give jewelry settings with this gem as a birthstone present. If you are getting ready to make the purchase, look for a trained jewelry maker who knows how to cut a topaz just right. That said, even if you buy from an expert artisan, the ready availability of the gem ensures that the purchase will not break your budget.
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