Bailey Banks & Biddle Jewelry: An American Jewelry Power House!

Bailey Banks & Biddle is the success story of an American jewelry power house. Although no longer family-owned, the business traces its roots back to 1832. At the time of its founding, the company was known as Bailey & Kitchen. Serving the Philadelphia market with fine jewelry pieces, the company changed its name to Bailey & Company in 1841. Another change took place in 1878, when the company finally became known as Bailey Banks & Biddle.
Remaining unchanged was the company’s commitment to superior artistry and craftsmanship. In particular, their silver goods had caught on and generated a loyal following among locals and merchants. Perhaps it was the ability of the artisans to work with a wide variety of metals and design high-quality artwork that landed the company one of its most important commissions. At the beginning of the 19th century, the United States Government hired Bailey Banks & Biddle to update the country’s Great Seal. In addition, the artisans designed and made a wide variety of military medals.
Fast forward to 1962, when the company joined the Zale Corporation. It is due to this move that Bailey Banks & Biddle now enjoys a presence across the United States. At this time, the company offers 10 distinct collections.
  1. Cufflinks Inc. Unique looks and sometimes also quirky designs rub elbows with timeless pieces that are suitable for even the most formal occasions. Materials include silver, gold and stainless steel.
  2. Penny Preville. Earrings and pendants showcase a distinct femininity that is difficult to find nowadays. These designs are solid and showcase diamonds and gold quite beautifully.
  3. Konstantino. The Greek flair of these pieces is evident in a variety of design elements and material uses.
  4. Gregg Ruth. When you are in the market for a piece of jewelry that is devoted to the display of diamonds, this collection fits the bill. A wide array of cuts and colors showcases the beauty of the stones.
  5. Twilight Diamond Collection. Black and champagne-colored diamonds are at the heart of this line. Rings, pendants and earrings delightfully put on show the qualities of these gems.
  6. Ice Flowers. These pieces use the brilliance of diamonds to recreate the shine of ice crystals and snowflakes.
  7. Colore SG. At the heart of this collection is Sterling silver. Combined with precious stones and gold accents, the result is gorgeous.
  8. LeVian. Chocolate diamonds play off a variety of gold shades.
  9. Honora. Freshwater pearls are the foundation for these jewelry pieces.
  10. Uneek. These diamond rings feature shared prongs and play with a mixture of settings for the best display of the stones.
It is interesting to note that Bailey Banks & Biddle is also a well-known name within the bridal industry. With a variety of engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, this jeweler has become a one-stop show for the buyer of all types of jewelry styles and occasions.
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